Unveiling the Power of TVL: How Concordex Changes the Game in DeFi Trading

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2 min readOct 10, 2023


Why is Total Value Locked (TVL) such a significant term in decentralized finance (DeFi)? Think of it as the stock market’s equivalent of market capitalization. This article explains TVL’s importance and reveals how Concordex’s unique concentrated liquidity system revolutionizes DeFi trading.

The Liquidity and Its Innovative Solution

Imagine you’re shopping for tomatoes priced at $0.8 each. You start collecting them, but suddenly, the supply dries up, and prices spike to $1, then $1.5. Frustrating, right? This phenomenon isn’t unique to tomatoes; it’s prevalent in DeFi platforms where liquidity is sparse.

Concordex introduces an ingenious solution: concentrated liquidity. This feature lets liquidity providers (LPs) “concentrate” their funds within defined price ranges, offering two benefits:

  • Maximized Returns for LPs. Allocate liquidity where it’s most frequently utilized, hence earning more fees.
  • Optimized Trading for Users. Minimize the odds of dramatic price slippage during asset swaps. Basically, Concentrated Liquidity DEXs can provide a ten times better swap experience than Full-Range DEXs with the same TVL.

Traditional vs. Concentrated Liquidity Models

Traditional DeFi platforms use a ‘scattergun approach,’ spreading liquidity thinly across an entire price curve. Concordex, however, empowers LPs to specify exact price ranges, which does two things:

  • Capital Efficiency. Prevents dilution of funds across less-traded price ranges.
  • Enhanced Price Discovery. By pooling liquidity at commonly traded price zones, equilibrium pricing is reached faster.

Complex Mechanics Simplified

Consider vendors who strategically place their best tomatoes at eye level. Concordex does the financial equivalent through ‘price ticks,’ segments that break the price range into manageable parts. These ticks adapt in real time, optimizing asset distribution and minimizing trading costs.

Concordex’s Approach to Market Volatility

Concordex recognizes the capricious nature of crypto trading. For stablecoin pairs like USDT/USDC, a narrow price range suffices. For volatile assets like BTC/USDT, the platform permits a wider yet targeted price range, benefiting both LPs and traders.


TVL is the underpinning of DeFi trading. Concordex’s concentrated liquidity isn’t merely innovative — it’s transformative. When you think about TVL, understand that it embodies an efficient trading system at Concordex.

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