Introducing The 100,000 USD Concordex Testnet Rewards Program

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3 min readMay 25, 2023


Concordex has officially launched its public testnet. In order to reward early users of the platform, we are launching the Concordex Testnet Rewards Program, allocating a total of 100,000 USD in $CCDX tokens for the campaign, which will run until the platform launches its mainnet.

Users will be able to earn their share in rewards by participating in one of two rewards categories; namely the Early Birds Rewards and Builder Rewards categories. A total of 50,000 USD in $CCDX tokens have been allocated for each category.

Early Bird Rewards

The first 10,000 users to join the Concordex Testnet Rewards Program will each receive a minimum of 5 USD in $CCDX tokens airdropped once the TGE (token generation event) takes place.

Builder Rewards

The Builder Rewards category is aimed at users who engage in a variety of different activities outlined below. Points will be allocated in XP (experience points)

(50,000 USD in $CCDX / Total # of XP Earned) x (XP Per User)

For example, if 100 users each earned 100 XP, the total points earned in the Builder Rewards category will be 10,000 XP. Thus, 50,000 USD in $CCDX divided by 10,000 XP multiplied by 100 per user would be equalled to 500 USD in $CCDX earned per user.

How To Participate

You can earn XP by performing certain actions or inviting others to try out Concordex. The amount of XP earned will be linked to the Concordium wallet used on the platform in addition to any social media accounts linked to the campaign in the process.

Here’s the step-by-step guide on how to participate:

Step 1 — Fill Out The Entry Form

Fill out the entry form to start earning XP. If you do not fill out the form, you will not be eligible for rewards. This step is the only one required to participate in the Early Bird Rewards category.

Step 2 — Testnet Activities

The testnet has officially launched and is waiting for you to try it out. You can earn XP by performing any of the actions:

  • Perform A Swap — 100 XP
  • Add Liquidity — 250 XP
  • Close Position — 100 XP
  • Harvest Reward — 100 XP
  • Bug Reports — 1,000 XP

Please note that the maximum amount of XP you can earn per day is limited to 1,000 XP excluding bug reports.

Step 3 — Perform Quests

Besides the testnet activities, you can earn points by performing some quests outside of the testnet. These quests need to be performed and confirmed through Zealy, a platform dedicated to Web3 quests. We will be adding new quests weekly so make sure you keep checking in for updates.

You can earn XP with some of the following quests:

  • Share our Testnet Launch Tweet — 200 XP
  • Follow us on Twitter — 50 XP
  • Join our Telegram — 50 XP
  • Join our Discord — 50 XP
  • Sign up to our Newsletter — 100 XP

Once the program has concluded and the total XP earned by each user has been calculated and confirmed, users will be contacted via email with steps to claim their rewards. This will take place after the token generation event (TGE).

How To Get Started With The Concordex Testnet

If you’re unsure about how to use the Concordex testnet, take a look at our helpful step-by-step wallet and setup guide here. You can reach out to our team on Telegram or Discord if you’re stuck and they’ll do their best to assist you.



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