H-X Technology Audit Validates Concordex as a Bastion of DeFi Security

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3 min readNov 13, 2023


In the dynamic world of decentralized finance (DeFi), where the risk of hacks looms large, Concordex stands firm on the frontlines of cybersecurity. We engaged the seasoned expertise of H-X Technologies for a rigorous audit of our smart contracts, transcending basic security checks to set new benchmarks in the field.

General Overview

The DeFi landscape is fast reshaping the contours of traditional finance, bringing with it exhilarating possibilities and inherent risks. In this youthful and adventurous domain, thorough security audits are not just beneficial — they are essential. Concordex’s foresight to commission a smart contract audit with H-X Technologies has proven to be an invaluable safeguard against potential vulnerabilities.

What’s a Smart Contracts Audit?

Imperfections and vulnerabilities in smart contracts are not a question of if, but when. Given their immutable nature post-deployment on the blockchain, the role of audits becomes critical. These evaluations are meticulous, going beyond surface-level assessments to conduct extensive testing, leveraging both automation and manual intervention, armed with sophisticated attack simulations and diverse tools.

Introduction to H-X Technologies

H-X Technologies, established in 2016, stands out in the cybersecurity sphere with their depth of knowledge and varied expertise. Their specialists, equipped with premier certifications, embody excellence in their audit processes. Concordex, under their scrutiny, has not only measured up to stringent security standards but has also embraced the recommendations to further fortify our systems.

An Audit Conclusion

The comprehensive audit conducted by H-X Technologies has confirmed Concordex’s commitment to unassailable security. The examination was far-reaching, with layers of automated and manual tests, simulating a multitude of attack scenarios to pinpoint even the most elusive of weaknesses.

Our audit findings have been illuminating, shining a light on both our system’s robustness and areas where we can evolve. While the auditors identified one low-level issue and one informational point, we’ve moved swiftly and effectively to enhance our smart contract’s security posture. Concordex’s dedication to security isn’t just about responding to audits; it’s about anticipating and mitigating risks proactively, ensuring our platform remains a fortress against external threats.

In-Depth Manual Analysis and Developer Commentary

The manual scrutiny by our auditors surfaced a couple of points of interest. These are minor issues that nevertheless still merited auditors’ attention and were corrected:

F-1 Unnecessary Argument Passing

Our auditors noted that the fee_rates argument during smart contract initialization did not need to be variable, given its constant check. While our developers maintain this design for future scalability, we acknowledge the recommendation for simplification.

F-2 Lack of Implementation

The dex_token_register_of function was flagged for its placeholder return value, which might confuse developers. We’ve addressed this by aligning the function’s purpose with its functionality, promoting transparency and understanding.


The audit revealed the strength of Concordex’s smart contracts, affirming that there is no scope for severe exploitation or violation. The minor and informational issues flagged were met with immediate corrective action, exemplifying our proactive stance on security and our dedication to continuous improvement.

We echo our auditors’ suggestion for ongoing diligence, including multiple independent audits and a public bug bounty program to maintain the integrity of our smart contracts. Concordex is setting a precedent in DeFi security, demonstrating an unwavering commitment to safeguarding our user’s interests.

For detailed insights into our security practices and the audit findings, we invite you to explore the full report. Stay informed on how Concordex is fortifying the future of finance:




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